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Angelo Comisso

About the composer

Angelo Comisso was born in 1970, in Italy. He studied Classical Piano and Composition at the conservatory of Venice. He also did studies in jazz and played jazz at an early age with jazz musicians of international standing such as Gianluigi Trovesi, Roberto Ottaviano, Gianni Basso.  Angelo Comisso is a frequent guest at radio  and tv stations  in Italy and Europe as a solo artist or with his ensemble. He has performed in many important Jazz Festivals all over the world.  Since 2003 he has been playing regularly with the German trumpeter and composer Markus Stockhausen. Together they play in duo and or in trio with Christian Thomé on drums (Lichtblick Trio). The music  is close to jazz and improvised music but has the ability to amaze and conquer even an audience more oriented towards classical or contemporary music.

About the Stabat Mater

Date: 2009
Performers: Three-parts women’s chamber choir,
Piano, electronics, trumpet, drums
Length: 49.59 minutes
Particulars: Though I am not a real Jazz-fan, I love It, because of the trumpet and piano solo’s and improvisations . And the womens’s choir is great! I contacted Mr. Angelo Comisso about his Stabat and he told me he wanted to compose his Stabat Mater as a tribute to all mothers in the world, to reflect the pain of a mother losing her son. Every day and in every corner of the world we have “Stabat Maters”, grieving for the loss of their children.
Textual variations: Angelo Comisso did not only use the Stabat Mater text. Part 7 is titled Nell’apparir del sempiterno sole composed by Francesco Soto de Langa (16th century) and rearranged by Comisso Stabat Mater. I did some research and I think it is a Christmas song. It is an Italian text, this the translation in English:
At the appearance of the eternal sun
That at midnight stronger shines around
Than the other can do at midday.

The angels in the sky sang Glory
And such lovely songs deserved to hear
The shepherds leading their flocks.

Then towards the humble city of Bethlehem
They started going, saying “Let’s go, fast,
And there we’ll see this wond’rous deed!”

Colourbar I did not succeed in making a colourbar but here is the tracklist of the CD:

  1. Stabat Mater dolorosa
  2. Cuius animam gementem
  3. Quis est homo qui non fleret
  4. Vidit suum dulcem natum
  5. Stabat Mater (memento)
  6. Dum pendebat Filius
  7. Nell’apparir del sempiterno sole
  8. Eia Mater, fons amoris
  9. Quando corpus morietur,

CD information

CD : Blue Serge ‎BLS-048 Angelo Comisso Stabat Mater
About this CD: Mr. Hubert Maillard pointed me to this CD. I bought the CD at JPC in Germany.
Orchestra: Trio Lichtblick: Angelo Comisso, piano and electronics Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, electronics Christian Thomé, drums
Choir: women’s choir Látomás: three parts, soprano’s, mezzo-sopeano’s and contralto’s
Conductor: Diane D’Alessio
Soloists: Angelo Comisso, piano and electronics
Markus Stockhausen, trumpet, electronics
Christian Thomé, drums
Code: 2019 COMI-01 (285)